Carry On Luggage for the Fashionable Traveler


Eastpak Plica Block Colour Marine Backpack

Bring all your travel essentials and still have room for your valuable souvenirs Eastpak Plica Block Colour Marine Backpack.


The Eastpak Plica Block Colour Marine Backpack is a spacious bag designed for traveling light and/or everyday us. The main compartment can hold all your daily necessities, including gadgets, and it is secured by a flap closure. Outside, the bag is designed with two front pockets for easy access to smaller objects. The bag is made of polyamide, and comes with an impressive 30-year guarantee. The Eastpak Plica Block Colour Marine Backpack features colors that pop and are easy to identify.

Height: 42 cm / 16.5”
Width: 30 cm / 12”
Depth: 14 cm / 5.5”

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